Constitution and Associations Incorporation Act 2015

As Davallia P&C is an Incorporated Association, all members are bound by the rules of the association as defined in our Constitution, as well as the Western Australian ASSOCIATIONS INCORPORATION ACT 2015.

All this means is that you have a role in ensuring that the association conducts itself in a way that is acceptable to you (i.e. it is run in a fair, democratic and financially accountable manner).

You can fulfil your membership obligations by:

As well, being a member of an Incorporated Association gives you some important rights (as set out in the Act), and you do not give up these rights by simply agreeing to our rules (should they be inconsistent with these rights).

Member Rights


Annual General Meeting

Special Resolutions

Please also note, in some situations, it may be necessary for an association to suspend or even expel a member including a member of the management committee.  Members may be expelled for several reasons such as serious criminal conduct, failing to comply with the rules of the association and bringing the association into disrepute.  Expulsion is seen as a last resort when all other options to resolve the problem have been exhausted. 

Details about the rules and processes regarding suspension or expulsion of membership can be found in the constitution (link at the top of the page).

Other Responsibilities

In addition to the constitutional obligations above, we ask that all members respect the responsibilities listed below to keep the P&C running smoothly.


Individual Members

Not expected, but appreciated!