Committee meetings are held on a Tuesday evening, starting at 7:30pm. They generally held in the 3rd and 9th week of each school term, however please check the CALENDAR for upcoming dates.

Attending meetings provides a valuable opportunity to discuss ideas and help develop a sense of belonging and ownership.

Parents and Citizens of the Davallia Primary School community are welcome to attend any P&C meeting and to request items be added to the agenda.

However, only Financial Members can vote. The price to become a financial member is $1. All you need to do is complete this FINANCIAL MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM. You will then be eligible to vote on any matter as well as vote for office bearers and portfolio members on the P&C Committee. Your Financial Membership will be valid until the next AGM when the new committee is selected. You also need to be a Financial Member to be eligible to hold a position on the Committee.

As a financial member, you do not need to attend all meetings!

Propose an Agenda Item

Request Funding for a Project or Initiative

Meeting Minutes and Agendas