Spending P&C funds

The P&C Budget

The purpose of P&C assistance is to encourage community involvement in projects and activities that benefit the students and community of Davallia Primary School. P&C funding goes beyond what the government provides and helps provide additional resources for the school and its students.

When a P&C raises funds, they first allocate them to cover financial obligations such as insurance, affiliation memberships, banking, audits, salaries, equipment, and resources needed for P&C activities and services like the Uniform Shop and Canteen. The P&C keeps a financial balance to fulfil its management responsibilities. Additionally, a portion of the funds is set aside for future contingency spending, in case there are beneficial projects or opportunities that arise.

Any funds remaining beyond these obligations are used for activities and projects that benefit the students and school community of Davallia Primary School, often referred to as "Wish List" items. Examples of these projects can include social and community events, school resources, fundraising, working bees, teaching materials, lunchtime activities, sports uniforms and equipment, music instruction, excursions, and more.

The P&C also collaborates with the school community to organise fundraising activities that support student participation in school-based events or representational activities. Any profits from these fundraisers contribute to the available budget for P&C-funded projects.

How the "Wish List" works

To request funding for community or parent-initiated projects or new P&C events, anyone can submit a funding request as part of the annual budgeting process carried out by the Davallia PS P&C Association. Decisions regarding funding are recorded in the P&C Minutes of the Annual Budget Meeting.

Requests for assistance can come from various sources such as the School Board, Principal, teachers, P&C committee and subcommittees, students, families, and citizens. Members of the school community can propose ideas or projects for funding consideration at any time during the year. However, final decisions on funding are made during the Annual Budget Meeting, usually held in Term 1 each year. 

Before the meeting, all ideas and projects put forward within the past 12 months are compiled into a comprehensive "wish list." During the meeting, all items on the combined wish list are discussed, voted on, and prioritised.

It's important to note that while ideas can be submitted throughout the year, the person proposing the item needs to attend the Annual Budget Meeting (in Term 1 of the following school year) to garner support for their proposal.

Any items or assets purchased using P&C funding become the property of the school.

Criteria used to allocate funds for "Wish List" items?

P&C assistance applications are evaluated based on the following priority order:

When assessing "Wish List" items, the P&C takes into account the following factors:

During the assessment of "Wish List" items, the P&C may take the following actions: