P&C Budget “Wish List”

Spending P&C funds

The P&C Budget

The purpose of P&C assistance is to promote community participation in activities and projects that benefit the Davallia Primary School students and their community.

P&C funding provides resources for the school and its students beyond those provided by government.

Funds raised by the P&C are first used for P&C and Association financial obligations. These include insurance, affiliation membership, banking, audit and filing, salaries, equipment and resources needed for P&C activities and P&C-managed school services (ie the Uniform Shop and Canteen). The P&C maintains a financial operating balance to meet its management obligations. As well, an amount of funds are held for contingency spending in the next year, should beneficial projects or opportunities arise.

Funds beyond this balance are made available for activities and projects that benefit Davallia Primary School students and their school community ("Wish List" items).

Examples could include however are not limited to social and community events, school resources, fundraising, working bees, teaching and learning materials, uniform shop, lunchtime activities, canteen and special lunches, learning languages, reading, arts and craft, garden and grounds, sporting uniforms and equipment, music instruction, book club, excursions and camps, parent workshops and other forums, performances, student representational activities/programs, and other activities.

The P&C also coordinates with the school community to run fundraising activities that support student participation in events that have a direct link to school-based activities or where students represent the school. Any profits raised from these fundraising activities also contribute to the available budget for P&C funded projects

How the "Wish List" works

Anyone can make a funding requests for community or parent initiated projects or new P&C events to be considered as part of the P&C's annual budgeting process undertaken each year by the Davallia Primary School P&C Association. Decisions are documented in P&C minutes.

Requests for assistance may be received from the School Board, Principal, teachers, P&C committee and subcommittees, students, families and citizens.

Members of the school community have the opportunity to put forward ideas or projects for consideration for funding at any time during the year, however decisions regarding what gets funded happens once a year at the Annual Budget Meeting (usually in Term 1). Before this meeting, all ideas or projects put forward during the previous 12 months are compiled, and a comprehensive “wish list” is then generated. All items on the amalgamated “wish list” are discussed, voted and prioritised during the meeting.

It is important to note that while ideas can be put forward any time during the year, the person proposing the item needs to be able to attend the budget meeting in order to "rally" support for their proposal.

Any items or assets purchased with P&C funding remain the property of the school.

Criteria used to allocate funds for "Wish List" items?

Applications for P&C assistance are considered in the following order of priority:

  1. Activities, resources or equipment that support the educational and social needs of students

  2. Local educational activities or programs

  3. Interstate educational activities or programs

  4. Activities or programs at which students represent the school

  5. Minor works

In assessing "Wish List" items, the P&C will consider:

  • Whether alternative sources of support have been sought (e.g. from the Education Directorate, school finances, business/educational partnerships, grants etc)

  • The opinions and preferences of the school community

  • The number of students that will benefit

  • The balance between priorities (listed above) and the equity of applications (in terms of curriculum areas, types of activities, and between year-levels etc) on an annual basis

  • How the school community will be informed about the purpose and benefits of the activity

  • Whether the application can be supported within the proposed timeframe.

In assessing "Wish List" items, the P&C may:

  1. Request further information

  2. Defer a decision until the next meeting (decisions should not be deferred longer than six months)

  3. Determine that a portion of an application will be supported

  4. Establish a subcommittee to develop an application further

  5. Deny or approve an application.