P&C General Meetings take place monthly on Tuesday evenings, commencing at 7:30 pm. Typically, meetings are held during the 3rd and 9th week of each school term. To stay informed about the exact dates, please refer to the P&C Calendar for upcoming meeting schedules.

Attending P&C meetings offers a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions, raise concerns, and foster a sense of belonging and ownership within the Davallia Primary School community. We warmly welcome all parents and citizens to attend P&C meetings and encourage you to request agenda items for consideration.

Please be aware that only Financial Members have the privilege to participate in voting during meetings. Becoming a Financial Member is as simple as paying an annual fee of $1. As a Financial Member, you will not only gain voting rights on any matter but also have the ability to vote for office bearers and sub-committee members within the P&C Committee. Your Financial Membership will remain valid until the next Annual General Meeting (held in December each year), where the new Committee is elected. Moreover, holding a position on the Committee requires active Financial Membership.

As a Financial Member, you do not need to attend all meetings but you will get the agenda and minutes delivered straight to your inbox! What are you waiting for? Join today!

Propose an Agenda Item

Please email the P&C Secretary to propose an Agenda Item for the next meeting: davalliapcsecretary@gmail.com