By actively supporting these initiatives and events, the P&C demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the school experience for students, parents, and the wider community. Together, we create a vibrant and sustainable environment that fosters growth, wellness, and success for all.

The P&C's commitment to community initiatives extends beyond the school grounds, fostering a sense of belonging, support, and empowerment among families. Through these initiatives, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community that values and celebrates the contributions of all members.

P&C Initiatives

Score amazing deals and support sustainable practices with our Second Hand Uniform Shop! The P&C proudly offers a wide selection of gently used uniforms at affordable prices, ensuring that students look their best while saving money and reducing waste.

Our dedicated Class Representatives play a pivotal role in fostering effective communication and collaboration within the school community. These passionate individuals serve as liaisons between parents, teachers, and the P&C, ensuring that everyone's voices are heard and contributing to a strong sense of unity and engagement.

Ignite a love for reading and unlock endless possibilities with the Scholastic Book Club! Through this initiative, the P&C provides students and families with a delightful selection of age-appropriate books and resources. By promoting literacy and supporting the joy of reading, we empower young minds to explore, imagine, and learn.

Recurring P&C Events

Cake Stalls

Indulge in a delectable array of homemade goodies as the school community comes together during class assemblies, elections, and other exciting events. Our cake stalls never fail to satisfy your sweet tooth!

End of Term Lunch

As each term comes to a close, the P&C has a delightful surprise in store for the students—a special lunch order that promises to be a delicious treat before the break.


Get ready for the kids' night of nights! Dance the night away at our school hall with a DJ and plenty of fun on the dance floor.

Family Fun Night

In Term 4, we invite our incredible school community to join us for an evening filled with live music, mouthwatering food, and a wide range of exciting activities. It's an event where families come together, students have a blast, and lasting bonds are forged. Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration!

Grounds Committee Busy Bees

As part of the P&C's commitment to maintaining a beautiful and functional school environment, we organize regular Busy Bee events where parents, staff, and community members come together to lend a helping hand.

During the Grounds Committee Busy Bee, we roll up our sleeves and work on various projects to enhance the school grounds. From landscaping and gardening to painting and maintenance tasks, there's something for everyone to contribute their skills and enthusiasm.

By participating in this lively event, you not only make a tangible difference in the appearance and functionality of our school, but you also get to connect with like-minded individuals and strengthen our school community bonds.

Look out for details about our next busy bee event, grab your gardening gloves, bring your energy, and join us for a rewarding day of teamwork, laughter, and accomplishment. Together, we can create a welcoming and inspiring environment that benefits all students and brings joy to our entire school community

School Initiatives & Events Supported by the P&C

Enjoy a hassle-free lunchtime with the Canteen Kings Lunch Order on Tuesdays and Thursdays! The P&C supports this convenient service by facilitating the organisation and delivery of Lunch Orders to students.

Simplifying drop-off and pick-up routines, the Kiss & Drive initiative is backed by the P&C. By promoting safe and efficient traffic flow, the aim is to enhance convenience for parents while ensuring the smooth operation of daily school routines.

Sustainability Committee: 

At Davallia Primary School, the P&C collaborates with the Sustainability Committee a dedicated group of teachers, parents, and community members. Together, we work towards raising waste awareness and implementing better environmental practices within our school. By supporting the Committee's initiatives, we aim to create a greener, more sustainable future for our students.

Eco Warriors Program:

 Empowering student leadership and environmental stewardship, the Eco Warriors program fosters ideas and action plans for sustainability within our school community. The P&C proudly joins forces with the Eco Warriors, providing support to their efforts in reducing, reusing, and recycling, making a positive impact on our environment.


Term 3 brings the exciting annual Lapathon event to Davallia Primary School! Students are encouraged to gather sponsorships for their participation in this fun-filled energetic event. The P&C plays a vital role in supporting the Lapathon, helping students to enjoy  a memorable day of physical activity.

Faction Carnival: 

The Faction Carnival is held in Term 3 and it is the highlight of the sporting calendar at Davallia Primary School, uniting students in a thrilling display of athletic prowess. Supported by the P&C, this event draws the entire school community together, fostering school spirit and celebrating the achievements of our talented students.

Community Initiatives Supported by the P&C

The P&C proudly supports the DODS (Dads of Davallia) initiative, which brings fathers and father figures together in a supportive and engaging community. By fostering connections and creating opportunities for involvement, DODS enriches the school experience for both dads and their children, promoting positive family relationships and active participation within the school community.

The P&C is dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for families through the Care for Kids Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program at Davallia Primary School. This initiative offers a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for children outside of regular school hours, ensuring they have access to enriching activities and quality care that aligns with the school's values.